Grampound Road Village CE School


Accelerated Reader-At Grampound Road we follow a reading programme called Accelerated Reader. 
This is a brief summary, but I have also attached a parent guide which is really helpful.
Accelerated Reader is a reading programme that supports children with independent reading. The children take a star test which gives them a reading level range. The children go to the library and choose a book from the beginning of that range. They read the book and take an online quiz. If they score 100%, the book is not challenging and they move onto a more difficult book. Ideally a score of 85% is what we are aiming for. The star test is very individual, it responds to the answers the children give, for example if they get the answers correct the difficulty level is increased. So the tests are important, if a child rushes the test it will give a false book level. The children will learn how to take the tests and in some cases they will be re-tested to ensure they are on the correct level. Sometimes the books seem too easy, but the quiz results will inform the teachers and more challenging books will be sought. 
The children will also get certificates and points as they successfully increase the level of difficulty.
I hope the parent guide is useful, but if you have any questions please make an appointment to meet Miss Kennedy.


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