We have nursery places available now in our Foundation Stage Class. Please contact the office if you're interested.

Our learning

Let’s tiptoe through the tulips together and discover the sights, sounds and smells of the garden.

This half term, we’ll find out how to look after plants and appreciate the flowers. Discovering our green fingers will be fun when we plant and tend a pizza garden of herbs. We’ll also learn about the different parts of a plant and create our own ‘planting and growing’ action rhyme. Our senses will help us describe and sort a range of smells and we’ll make beautifully scented products. We’ll look closely at a wide variety of plants, create detailed and observational drawings.

At the end of our project, we will have become plant experts! We’ll create a presentation about plants and design a fantasy garden.

Our previous topics.
Welcome to Creative club! 
This week we have been making our own wind mobiles using things we found on a nature treasure hunt. We used to twine to create a cross for the top of our mobile and had to think carefully about how to tie the twine to make sure the sticks didn't move.