Grampound Road Village CE School

Summer 1

To continue our dragon topic, this week we innovated a narrative about finding a dragon egg and being transported to another land. Trevose wrote some brilliant stories, some are celebrated on our 'WOW Wall'.
In maths, we reviewed place value which included making our own number lines outside; we used leaves, stones, sticks to represent partially empty number lines. 
In RE, we were introduced to a new religion; Judaism. The children were excited to find out about the special Jewish book, 'The Torah' and how we must use a 'Yad' to read it. Everyone designed their own Yad - some completed Yads are now on our WOW Wall. 
Another great week back in school. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week! 
Welcome back everyone! Our first day back at school was very exciting; we were sent a letter from Dr Susan Smith from 'The Ministry of Strange Objects. She told us how there was a package for us, a package with scratch marks and lots of caution labels. We could not believe our eyes! Inside, was a dragon egg! How bizarre! Turns out, the Dr knew our new summer term topic is castles and dragons.
In literacy, we were reviewing instruction texts about 'How to Trap a Dragon'. We will be writing our own versions in the next couple of weeks. In maths, we have been reviewing doubling/halving, multiplication and division.
We also designed our own dragons and decided on some very interesting names such as Rainbow dragon who breathes out flowers, Toglus who breathes snowflakes and Egga who steals eggs from fridges!
Have a good weekend and see you next week.


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