Grampound Road Village CE School

Spring Term Week 9

Longships Class had a fantastic week which began with a workshop all about Compassion. During this, the children learnt all about what compassion really means and how to show it. This is a very important value in our school and we hope all children show it to their peers, staff and visitors.
On Tuesday, the boys and girls were able to join in with a Karate workshop run by Cornish karate school. Byrne Black Belt Academy. This was very exciting and not only did it teach them some basic karate moves, there was also a very strong element of respect and discipline. 
The children have had a great time learning how to plot coordinates in our Maths lessons this week and eventually got to play their very own games of Battleships, applying the skills they have been learning. In English, we have continued our focus on The Iron Man story and have been learning all about the features to apply in our writing. 


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