Grampound Road Village CE School

Spring Term Week 3

On Monday, we had our topic launch day, where the children could dress up as their favourite heroes.... This ranged from Wonder Woman (fictional hero) to Dianne Fossey (conservationist). We started the day looking at what the qualities of heroes are and looked at the qualities each of us have as individuals. It was then time for Hero Fitness- this included circuit training to be 'super'. The class loved trying out 'The Flash' shuttle runs, agility jumping, as well as being alert when catching. 
During the afternoon, we began designing our very own super hero movie trailer and each group got the chance to film them. We look forward to watching and evaluating these in the next couple of weeks. Our Learning Habit of the week is 'Collaboration' and I have been impressed with how every child has shown excellent team work, which includes listening to others and sharing ideas.
The rest of the week has been very busy.... In Maths, we have had a focus on decimals and fractions and how to use them in the real world with money. For English, we have looked at how to use relative clauses and parenthesis when adding extra information in a sentence. This has been quite tricky, but the class have shown excellent perseverance skills in this! Great job everyone!!!
As part of our topic we have studied real heroes of the past- so far, finding out about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King JR. The children have been very engaged in lots of discussion about these inspirational people over the term and are excited to learn even more. 
Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday morning. 


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