Grampound Road Village CE School

Science week!

As a school we participated in British Science Week this month. We had a busy week learning about the importance of reducing plastic waste and the effect that plastic pollution is having on our environment and also carrying out different experiments in our classes!
In Tater Du class we have been writing 'messages in a bottle' to our local MP to ask them to support us in reducing the amount of plastic pollution on our beaches and beautiful landscapes. We have been discussing why it is so important to reduce the amount of plastic that we throw away have been watching clips of Sir David Attenborough sharing this message. On Friday we got messy and made non-newtonian fluid..also know as slime! We went outside and worked in small groups to make the slime and added different food colouring to make it eye-catching. We investigated how it felt and the difference when it was pushed and poured in different ways. 
In Longships, during our science week, the children got to experiment with some 'Gloop' made from cornflower and water. Longships also continued their learning about sound, focusing on how sound travels, by physically recreating vibrating particles in groups.
In Wolf Rock class we had a really exciting science week. Our text of the week was all about a science experiment and we enjoyed writing instructions on how to complete the experiment successfully. Also, we took part in two ‘digital experiments’. These experiments were carried out using the interactive smart board. It was a different, more modern way of doing an experiment and we all had great fun. I wonder: what material was the best conductor after all? Ah, yes, it was copper!
On Saturday 17th we went to Carne Beach to do our own mini beach clean. As a group we scoured the beach to pick up as much plastic and litter that we could find. It was truly eye-opening to see the amount of plastic that was on the beach, in particular the amount of polystyrene that we found broken into small pieces and littered all along the shoreline. We also found lots of plastic bottles, plastic beads and we even found a shoe! 
Thank you to all of the children and their families who joined us on Saturday, it was lovely to see everyone doing their bit for one of our local beaches. 


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