Grampound Road Village CE School

Griffin news 27th November 2017

Thank you to the parents who visited Gribbin class on Tuesday and joined in with the Maths lesson. I hope you found this useful. All our learning is very visual and practical. The children have access to Maths resources during playful learning which gives them the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge. Your children really enjoyed you being in the class and once again I was very impressed that they were able to remain focused on their learning with so many adults around. It is a really delightulful teaching the Gribbins.
The children have been putting in a huge amount of effort into their Christmas nativity practices and they have now learnt all the songs. They demonstrate such great enthusiasm during the daily practice, very impressive! Please can you bring costumes in when you are able We can help with costumes if you would prefer.
We have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and on Wednesday we had a visitor. The visitor was Jack from the story (Mrs Moore dressed up) and the children asked Jack questions, such as 'Why did your mum throw the beans out of the window?' and 'what did the beanstalk feel like?' The children had to think about what a question is and avoid saying a statement. They learnt that questions mainly begin with who, why, what, when, when. It was such fun and although they knew it was Mrs Moore, they were so immersed in the learning that they introduced themselves to her before asking their questions. 
Next week we are going to continue with Jack and the Beanstalk as they are enjoying it so much. 


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