Grampound Road Village CE School

Gribbin news 23rd April 2018

On Monday the children learnt about trust with Linda who set up the reflective spaces in the hall. The children participated in the activities and demonstrated great listening skills throughout. 
On Thursday the children voted for the school council members and Isaac P and Betty won the election. These two children will represent Gribbin class next year for our school council. Well done!
The Gribbins have a new behaviour chart system which we began on Tuesday. It works like this; the children start on the rainbow and can move their names up of down accordingly. A child's name will be moved down if they do not follow instructions, which may lead to some thinking time in and a reminder of the expectation of behaviour. However if the child has tried their best with their learning, used good manners, good behaviour and showed kindness to others they will move up the rainbow. The rewards are stickers, dojos, a certificate home and the very top reward is to get to the sun. If you are on the sun, you will have  a text sent home and a round of applause in collective worship on a Friday from the whole school! The children were really motivated by the new system and four children did indeed make it to the sun!
In class we have now extended the deconstructed role play and we look forward to seeing the children use this next week. Even in the smaller role play the children used their imagination to turn it into whatever they wanted. We have had, zip wires, dens, hideouts, robots and homes already! It is great to see what they come up with using boxes, fabric, tape, paper, pens and imagination.
Spellings-I have tested the children on their high frequency words. The spelling homework is now individualised. The standard for the end of reception is for the children to be able to spell these common words. We practice in school, but any support at home really makes a big difference.  
On Monday we have a new pupil starting school so we are all excited to have an additional Gribbin in class and I know your children will all be super keen to help and support a new friend.
Next week we will be making bread and food for Little Red Riding Hoods Grandma, the children love cookery. We will be incorporating Maths and Literacy into the learning.
Happy weekend,
Miss Kennedy.


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