Grampound Road Village CE School

Gribbin news 19th February 2018

The Gribbins have started their new topic 'colour.' This week our focus was Elmer the elephant. We made a large collage of Elmer and every child joined in. We have been learning how important it is to learn together and if we all take part we can achieve something really amazing. We also learnt some elephant facts and the children have been writing about elephants. Many of the children can now attempt to write more complex words using their phonic knowledge. At this stage it does not matter if the words are spelt correctly, it is about gaining confidence and having a good go!
In Maths we have been learning pairs to 5 and using our fingers to show all the different ways to 5. We have also been ordering 1-20 and naming 1 more or less than any of these numbers. The children now understand that a teen number is made up of a ten and some ones, eg. in the number 14 they will say the 1 is a 10. 
Next week will be very busy, we have the zoo trip, world book day and we are going to begin using our new balance bikes. Our focus will be animal camouflage, so it would be great if you could talk to the children at home about this in readiness for the zoo trip.


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