Grampound Road Village CE School

Gribbin news 13th October 2017

Gribbin class enjoyed "Write Dance' this week. It is a programme designed to support early writing. We listen to music, learn actions and draw on large paper. This helps the children form the shapes that they will need for later handwriting. We drew curved, straight and dots on the paper whilst listening to the music. The children were totally engrossed.
We have also been learning about how we are all different and some children drew each other of large paper and they labelled parts of their bodies. In Maths they learnt number bonds to 5 and some foundations of addition. It was lovely to see children write number sentences on the playground in during playful learning. 
The children are doing well with partner talk during carpet time. As I read a story, I pause and ask a question, they all turn to talk to their partner to answer the question which gives all the children the opportunity to answer questions. This helps to improve their understanding of the story and it also keeps the children very focused.
Next week is activity week and we are looking forward to an exciting week of activities.


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