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Gribbin news 12th March 2018

Science week-Isaac P's blog,
Isaac-Water was put in a bag and we put pencils through the bag, you still keep the pencils in and some water comes out, but not all of it. If you pull out the pencils all the water comes out, the water goes down slowly. 
Miss K-what did you think would happen when we put the pencil in?
Isaac-I thought it would pop or leak.
Miss K-What else did you do?
Isaac-We put a toy insect in a bucket of water and it sank, we put in stones and the water and the insect went higher.
Miss K-What did you learn?
Isaac-It is a bit like gravity because gravity goes down. The stones sink and are heavy they make the water go higher and higher.
Miss K-Did you do anything else?
Isaac-We made a zip wire?
Miss K-How?
Isaac-From string, we put a person, not real, a toy on it and it stopped down the hill.
Did you have a favourite experiment?
Isaac-All of them!


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