Grampound Road Village CE School

Autumn 1 Week 4

This week Wolf Rock class are sleeping in the classroom (or should I say, space ship) !
Here are the two letters linked to the sleepover.
Please check back for live photographs and information during the day.
What an exciting event it is due to be!
Our timetable for the day is...
9am – Maths

10am – Reading

11am – English

12pm – Lunch

1pm – Space Topic Work

3:15pm – Cooking (dessert) and Art (mask making) and board games

4pm – EVA (Extravehicular Activity, Outdoor Play, space masks worn)

5pm – Homework

6pm – Dinner, in the school hall (space masks worn)

7pm – Movie

8pm – Astronomy Session or Space Disco

9pm – Bedtime Routine and Evening Snack

10pm – Sleep

7am - Breakfast

8am - Packing Up Camp

9am - Collection

Before the cadets arrived...
Designing a Lunar Base...
Writing letters back home...
My time so far...

Today so far,we passed orbit (it was very breath taking). While we passed orbit, we felt 0G. Everyone kept on flying around the spaceship when they un-clipped their seat belts. After we passed Earth, we made our way towards the moon (maths). We made our own lunar theme park with a budget of £50,000 , or £100,000. Right now we are writing on mars (Literacy).
Missing you loads.

Yours truly,
Finley Howell 

Dear mum

I am really missing you on my outer space trip in a spaceship. I have already done Maths, Reading and English. I really am missing you (not Caitlin tho).Tell me if anything for me arrives from anywhere at all. Please call me from your phone box that is in Truro - remember to love me mum …also I hate my sister. I love you so please get me an iphone 8, a ps4, an xbox 360, sell my sister for £5 on ebay and buy me a mansion and a Lamborghini in every colour and every type.

Also buy me a McLaren and an F1 car. Please miss me and sell my sister for 1p on Ebay and some new football boots because I can dab. Get me a spaceship for £2,000,000.


Love from Ewan

Lunch time...
We used Skype to be a part of collective worship...
Well done to Fraser for being star of the week.
Mask Making...
Other events...
1) Mr Moore called in to say hello. We sang 'Happy Birthday' to him as today is his birthday. We had a cake for him.
2) We watched WALL-E.
3) We looked at the stars. Mr Cornish saw a shooting star!
4) We went to bed... well, we haven't gone to bed just yet but really soon...


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