Grampound Road Village CE School

Week July 3rd

Continuing with our immersive WW2 topic this week, the children have been considering which recycled materials would be most suitable for building a model of an Anderson shelter. Having identified strength as a key property for the materials we would be using, the children set about putting their investigation skills into practice. We tested the strength of the materials using a range of weights before recording the results.


With the amazing hot weather we have had this week, Fistral class took this opportunity to enjoy PE on the field. Using our creative minds, the children were challenged to create their own sport. The children, who demonstrated fabulous teamwork, had to plan the rules, playing areas and equipment for their new sport. Having already practised our running, catching, throwing and moving in team games, the children put these skills to use in their new sports. Have a look at the photos of the children trying out their new outdoor games.


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