Grampound Road Village CE School

Autumn 1

This week in Literacy, we have completed our information texts all about penguins. Trevose have managed to include bullet points, sub-headings, captions and lots of interesting facts.
In maths, we were reviewing 2D shapes. We loved using our outdoor environment to find some shapes, such as hearts, stars, octagons and semi-circles. We have also been learning all about 2D shape properties.
We enjoyed Geography this week, where we were identifying continents and oceans of the world and labelling them on an empty map.
We are so excited about activities week next week! On this page, the schedule for the week will be included.
Have a lovely weekend!
Our week began with an exciting parcel that arrived addressed to our class - it was Percy Penguin, who travelled all the way from Antarctica to visit us. He will be joining each member of the class to go on adventures.  In Trevose this week, we have started to learn our new text type in Literacy - an information text all about penguins. We have highlighted certain features within this text type, in preparation for next week when we write our own versions.
In maths, we have been learning about numbers in more detail; we have used our place value knowledge and started to partition 2 digit numbers in addition calculations! Everyone has worked extra hard at this!
During science, we learnt about animals from around the world and which food group they belong to.(Carnivores, omnivores and herbivores) We will make sure that we use this new terminology from science in our information texts next week.
We have had a very busy and amazing week in Trevose. We are all so proud of ourselves for the writing we have done in Literacy. We have completed our innovations including literary techniques such as, alliteration, similes, powerful verbs, adjectives, fronted adverbials and co-ordinating conjunctions - WOW!
In maths we have been reviewing/learning all about addition; using resources to help us calculate number sentences. Number lines have been a great resource this week!
Trevose absolutely love 'Show & Tell' and this week we had items such as fairy letters, teddy bears, artwork, songs and even a dead bat! Please remember this is every Thursday afternoon : )
Happy Friday! See you next week!
Another great week this week in Trevose.! We have started to innovate our story of 'Lost and Found' trying to remember finger spaces, letter formation,  capital letters, full stops and other literary tools; similes and fronted adverbials.
In maths, we continued to review and learn about place value - resources have once again, played a massive part in helping us visualise 2 and 3 digit numbers.
Happy weekend everyone!
Welcome back to school everyone! We have had a fantastic start to the new year in Trevose. It's been very busy! New school rules and behaviour policies have been introduced and it's wonderful to see them being adhered to.
In Literacy, we have launched our exciting new 'Winter' topic, where the children began to learn their new class story; Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We have been retelling the story using actions and a story map. Next week we will continue to learn our story and begin changing elements for when we write our own versions.
In Maths, we have started to review place value. We have been focussing mainly on where numbers sit on a number line and on a hundred square. We have also been using resources to represent amounts up to 100.
Please remember to read as often as possible at home. When your books need changing, the children are responsible to place their reading book into the tray to be changed that day. We are aiming to promote as much independence as possible.
Have an amazing weekend everybody and see you next week!