Grampound Road Village CE School

Carne class news 9th January 2017

Maths-The children have been learning about symmetry this week and we made some symmetrical butterflies. The children could explain that symmetry means both sides are the same. They have been learning about repeated patterns and they can notice a pattern and make one. They made coloured cube patterns and drew some patterns and explained to their partner what the pattern was.
Literacy-We have nearly finished drawing the Gruffalo story and writing some simple sentences. The children are really good at recognising sounds, but now we are writing sounds and this will be the focus until the children are really confident at writing sounds.
Immersive curriculum-We have been learning about woodland creatures. We went to our wild garden and the children discovered many bugs, spiders and birds. The biggest spider was found in the classroom, but shhh don't tell Miss Cameron. We are getting the children ready for the visit to the woods and it will be interesting to see which creatures we can find in the woods. We are really hoping to spot a deer. Please can the children wear old clothes on Tuesday as it will be very cold and wet in the woods. I still need one volunteer, can anyone help? 


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